How to Start a Huddle

In this article, you will learn how to start a Huddle. This feature enables you to conduct a huddle within the Superflow Toolbar. At present, there are three(3) available huddle types; (a) Audio, (b) Video, and (c) Screen Huddle.

  1. Find the Superflow Toolbar and click the Huddle icon.

  1. The Huddle menu expands, select your preferred huddle type:
  • Audio Huddle
  • Video Huddle
  • Screen Huddle
  1. In this example, we will use the Audio Huddle feature.

  1. After selecting the huddle type, the Huddle Toolbar will appear. You can do the following:
  • Share your Screen
  • Enable your cursor
  • Invite Users to your Huddle
  • Leave Huddle