Superflow Product Updates - Feb 8, 2024

We’re excited to announce a series of updates to Superflow that enhance your experience and provide more control and security over your projects. Here’s what’s new:

Read Receipts

Keep track of your interactions more efficiently with our new Read Receipts feature. Whenever someone replies to your comment, you’ll notice a tiny red dot indicating an unread response. This small but powerful addition ensures you never miss out on important feedback.

Password Protected Sites

Elevate your site’s security by setting passwords for your review sites. This feature is perfect for those who wish to limit access to their content, ensuring that only users with the right password can view and comment on your projects.

Guest Mode, with Disabled Login

We’ve added more flexibility to Guest Mode by giving you the option to disable login for guests. This ensures a smoother, uninterrupted experience for users who are just browsing.

Restricted Mode

Take control of who can contribute to your projects with Restricted Mode. Now, only users who have been explicitly invited can leave comments.

Disable Superflow on Specific Domains

Now you can disable the Superflow toolbar on specific domains. This is useful if you want to disable the toolbar on your prod domain.

Disable Commenting

As projects come to a close, you might want to wrap up the conversation. You can now disable commenting for your completed projects, preventing any further comments from stakeholders.

Removing “?review=true” from the address bar

We’ve improved the user experience by automatically removing the “?review=true” parameter from the address bar after visiting a review URL. Note: The toolbar will still persist until you explicitly exit review mode.

Versions and Branches

Manage your feedback more effectively with our new Versions and Branches feature. If your site uses different branches or versions, you can now have separate comments for each branch or version.