How to Create a New Project

In this article, you will learn how to create a new project from the Superflow Dashboard.

Access the Superflow Dashboard by going to Alternatively, when you are in Review Mode, you can use the method below:

  1. Find the Superflow Toolbar and click the More Options icon.

  1. A sub-menu will expand, click the View Project option to select.

  2. A new tab will direct you to the Project Dashboard page.

  3. By default, when accessing the Project Dashboard, you will be directed to the Dashboard for Comment Status screen. To access the Projects list, click < Back or the WEBSITES module.

  1. Click the + Create Project button.

  1. You will be directed to the Create new project page. Specify the required information.

  2. In the Choose a platform to install Superflow section, click the drop-down arrow, select the appropriate platform, and click Next.

  1. In the Where do you want to install Superflow section, enter the staging or production URL, and click Next.

Note: you can add multiple URLs using the Add + button.

  1. In the Install Code Snippet section, copy the snippet using the Copy icon and paste it on your website. Click Next to continue.

  1. In the Verify section, click the Test button to verify the installation.

  1. A new window/tab will open indicating that the snippet was installed successfully, click Next.

  1. Once the testing stage is completed, you will be directed to the Add Commenters section to add commenters to your new project.