How to Remove Admin Users

In this article, you will learn how to remove admin users from your Superflow Account and the relevant projects.

Access the Superflow Dashboard by going to Alternatively, when you are in Review Mode, you can use the method below:

  1. Find the Superflow Toolbar and click the More Options icon.

  1. A sub-menu will expand, click the View Project option to select.

  2. A new tab will direct you to the Project Dashboard page.

Note: By default, when accessing the Project Dashboard, you will be directed to the Dashboard for Comment Status screen.

  1. Click the USERS module to access the Users page.

  1. Go to the Admins section and find the admin user that you want to remove.

  2. Click the More Options icon and select Delete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ensure to select the correct user as there is no confirmation dialog box to confirm the action. Once you click Delete, the admin user will be deleted immediately.