How to Upload a File

In this article, you will learn how to upload a file using the Superflow dashboard.

Access the Superflow Dashboard by going to Alternatively, when you are in Review Mode, you can use the method below:

  1. Find the Superflow Toolbar and click the More Options icon.

  1. A sub-menu will expand, click the View Project option to select.

  2. A new tab will direct you to the Project Dashboard page.

Note: By default, you will be directed to the Dashboard for Comment Status screen when accessing the Project Dashboard.

  1. Click the FILES module to access the Files page.

  1. Click the Upload File button.

  2. The File Location window will appear. Find and select the file that you want to upload.

  1. Click Open to continue uploading the selected file.

  2. After uploading the file, it will appear on the Drive page by Superflow page. You can use additional options and actions, including the following:

  • Enable/Disable Private Mode
  • Add Comments
  • Add Arrows
  • Live Huddle
  • Open Comments
  • Share
  • Access Settings
  • Approve File