Superflow Product Updates - April 4, 2024

This week we are excited to announce a redesign of our landing page! Here are some of the pages you will want to check out:

Home page

Our home page at has been redesigned to be more streamlined. Earlier, some customers thought our landing page was too long and led too much scrolling without a clear call to action, especially on mobile.

We fixed this and there are now fewer sections that get the point across faster.

Customers also mentioned that our home page felt like a giant list of features, we’ve improved upon this by making our copy more focused on the end results that Superflow provides to agencies, rather than a grocery list of features we offer.

Product pages

Originally Superflow was designed for collaborating on just websites, but overtime we added support for other types of assets such as PDFs, Images, Video Files, and Lottie Files.

Our new home page is now redesigned to focus on positioning Superflow as an overall solution for all these assets types rather than just on websites.

We’ve also made individual Product pages that narrow down on each of these asset types. Each of these Product page also includes an interactive demo where users can comment on that asset type.

Product Pages